Friday, November 1, 2013

JAMB 2014/2015 RESULTS

Please do check for e-enlistment and further qualified data. Unique mark scanner and logged off license is in addition needed to finish the connected enlistment quite similar to the previous year.

You can acquire the JAMB 2014/2015 Registration form at the expense of N5,000 with logged off License, while the disconnected from the net authorize apart from everyone else expenses N5000.

jamb 2014 result checker

Also note that for you to partake In for the present year's enlistment you should get Advanced Persona finger scanner, that is the sole scanner suggested for 2013 JAMB registration.

The disconnected from the net authorize empowers you to transfer hopeful's identification, output unique finger impression and safeguard with the serial and Bind numbers furnished on the applicant's JAMB scratch card, subsequently making the enrollment speedier and much more straightforward. All these might be finished disconnected from the net. Whenever associated with web it recovers straight to JAMB resource.

You can see the JAMB 2014 result checker here

As you move to JAMB registartion post basically include the same serial and bind numbers in the join page, the destination mechanically load the disconnected from the net biometric items you recovered previous, you can then move with registartion from that point.


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